Why CCI?

Coulter Construction has been specializing exclusively in steel frame Turn Key Construction in Hawaii for more than 20 years. Our innovative Design Build process utilizes Revit and 3D parametric framing software that brings your plans to life. This state-of-the-art software provides details that simplify the review process and help to eliminate on-site errors. The result is a superior, high quality product at an affordable rate. Coulter Construction is well known for its innovation. By collaborating successfully with our clients, architects, engineers, consultants and suppliers we have been able to provide a more specialized level of services. We are continually evolving and utilizing the latest technology to deliver high value construction and complex projects with ease. BIMag_May2013_CoverBIMag_May2013_pg10



Why Steel?

High Quality

  • Highest strength-to-weight ratio of any common building material
  • Dimensionally stable and durable – will not rot, warp, split, crack or creep, corners stay square and windows and doors don’t bind or rack
  • Non-combustible – steel won’t burn or add fuel to a fire
  • Not vulnerable to termites or other pests, thus lower annual repair and maintenance costs
  • Less chance of damage in an earthquake or high winds – a lighter structure, using screws instead of nails, gives steel framing stronger connections
  • Doesn’t absorb water and isn’t vulnerable to mold

Cost Saving

  • Price competitive with wood and concrete and more stable pricing than lumber
  • Best material suitable for panelization which significantly lowers construction time/costs
  • Steel framed structures have significantly lower insurance costs

Design Flexibility

  • Steel framing facilitates innovative design and allows much longer clear spans than wood
  • Consistent material quality. No need to over-engineer to account for variability

Environment Friendly

  • A healthier home – no additional chemical treatments needed to prevent damage from pests or rot
  • Less scrap and waste – lower clean up costs, and a cleaner construction site
  • 100% recyclable – steel is the most recycled material in the world


3D View

Framing 3D View


Structure Design


Why Panelization

Panelization allows off-site precision manufacturing, speedy construction, work safety as well as labor and material cost savings. It is faster, cheaper and better quality compared to other building construction methods.

In panelized construction, wall sections are built with the aid of cutting-edge automation and in factory controlled conditions. The finished wall panels, trusses, parapets, decking, etc. are then loaded onto trucks and delivered to the construction site. A panelized home can be weather tight and locked up in days rather than weeks.


  • Fully automated system from shop drawings to production, any bugs are worked out before cutting
  • Computer controlled cutting produces all framing components to exact lengths and sizes, minimizing error, waste, and scrap
  • Components and marked for easy assembly, eliminating waste and costly human errors on the job site
  • Tighter tolerances result in better fit and finish


  • Less manpower is required, which lowers costs
  • Dramatically reduced on-site construction times. Completion and move-in dates are easier to predict and meet
  • Time is money: Construction loan interest costs are reduced


  • Materials are stored at the factory, protected from weather and the potential for damage or theft on site


Coulter Construction used state-of-art technologies to build my modern steel-framed house. They demonstrated expertise in every phase of the project, from site preparation, foundation /masonry work, shop drawing, steel component production and onsite framing. Team members are hardworking and courteous. Scott is easy to work with and always makes sure things are done right. He provided valuable advice beyond his scope of work and always accommodated last minute changes. Quality work and client’s satisfaction are their highest priorities. I highly recommend Coulter Construction to everyone in Hawaii who wants to build a solid dream house that will last for generations.

Joan H. – Manoa Modern

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